Athlete Resources

As an athlete, I have been blessed with great coaches and trainers who have helped me succeed in my goals. They have helped me recover from injuries and stay healthy when it counts. It’s allowed me the unique opportunity to see injury from both the perspective of the overly ambitious, often irrational athlete, as well as the grounded, sometimes inconvenient trainer. Both are needed to achieve extraordinary success.

coaching sessions

During our treatment sessions we may discuss changes in your active and inactive habits. This can range from thinking about posture while you’re sitting at a desk, changing how you use a shovel in your garden, or what machine to use at the gym. In order to best utilize our treatment time during our session, I may suggest we do a one on one coaching session to better instruct in these changes. While I do not write rehab or training programs, i am happy to adjust or add to what you’re already doing to promote pain free activities and increase your performance.

I am a certified usa weightlifting coach and also offer coaching sessions for specific lifts and activities. These include squat, pull-up, muscle-up, rowing, and all olympic weightlifting. If a seminar is more your speed and you enjoy learning with others, inquire at the bottom of the page here about when the next one will occur. Currently I am offering an olympic lifting class at Dialed Fitness every Monday night.

Athletic Highlights

  • Women’s basketball for Adams State University
  • Granite Games for CrossFit
  • Spartan Beast
  • USA Master’s Weightlifting Nationals
  • Team USA Master’s Weightlifting
  • IWF World Master’s Championship silver medal